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Precast Services

Conceptual Precast Project Development

If you are an Owner, Architect, Engineer or other design professional, our Lafarge Precast team can provide assistance to achieve the best overall solution for your project.  Lafarge precast Edmonton is a proud CPCI member and has a wealth of precast experience dating back to the 1940’s.  We use an individual project focus, basing our suggestions and recommendations on the best overall solution for your specific project.  If your project won’t benefit from a precast concrete solution, Lafarge Precast will be the first to acknowledge it, and suggest other materials or methods. 

Please call Lafarge Precast to discuss your next project – the earlier the better!   We can provide recommendations for conceptual framing layouts, architectural finishes, as well as solutions for unique challenges requiring new designs or custom products.  Lafarge can also provide interfacing guidance between precast and other materials or other trades.   We have expertise in environmental sustainability and resilience which often are critical project needs.  Lafarge Precast can also provide assistance with budget pricing and project scheduling.

We welcome the opportunity to be a member of your integrative design team.

Design & Modelling

The Lafarge Precast Edmonton design team works hand in hand with our engineering team to develop drawings and layouts for all of our projects and proposals. Our design team uses the PC-3D BIM Modeling System when designing products, project or structures. The advantage of using the BIM system is it gives our designers the ability to show a full 3D model of the completed structure including every angle, level, component and connection detail all of which can be specifically highlighted, rotated or expanded upon. Examples of some of the precast projects that we have designed using this system on are shown below:

Precast Engineering

Lafarge Precast is licensed to practice engineering in Western Canada. Our Professional Engineers have extensive experience in the development of economical precast solutions and provide efficient designs of various types of precast structures. Our engineering team ensures all our designs, products and services are in compliance with the latest Building Codes and project requirements.They will oversee the completion of precast drawings which will be used  for fabrication of the precast components, as well as lifting, shipping and election on the job site. They also oversee our own Quality Control program to ensure the final products are in the highest quality. If necessary, our precast engineers will also review the work of external engineers and provide comments for cost savings, safety, etc. Examples of some of the completed projects our engineering team have been involved in are shown below:

Project Management

The Lafarge Precast Edmonton project management team combine their extensive precast knowledge and experience, with their unique management skills and techniques to ensure all of our projects flow smoothly and efficiently from inception to completion. It is the goal of our project management team to work closely with all of our clients as they believe that communication is the key to a successful client relationship, and ultimately a successful project. Our project management team will coordinate with the Lafarge Precast Edmonton production team to align the client's key project installation dates with the production sequencing schedules within our plant, ensuring all project timelines are met. The Lafarge Precast Edmonton project management team take pride in their methodical and systematic approaches to the planning and coordinating of their respective projects, striving to deliver on-time, and on-budget results for our clients. Below are some example of completed projects our project management team have successfully coordinated:


The Lafarge Precast Edmonton production management team has a quality over quantity philosophy, this is personified by by all supervisors and workforce. The production team take the utmost pride in their work, no matter the size, difficulty or duration of the project nothing will compromise their commitment to quality. The Production workforce boasts an array of skilled tradesmen from all over the world, each bringing their own unique set of skills and experience to the team enhanced only by the extensive training coordinated by Lafarge. In addition to quality, the production team has a strong Health and safety culture, they believe health and safety within the workforce is detrimental in ensuring high quality production on a daily basis all year round. Below are some images of our production team working across our Edmonton facility:

Shipping & Handling

The Lafarge Precast Edmonton yard crew ensures that all of the high quality products that produced on a daily basis are handled and stored efficiently and safely within our facility. Coordinating the shipping of the different project products to the job site for the specific date the client needs them is a joint effort between the yard crew Supervisor and the Project Management team. Before any precast product leaves our facility the yard crew and Quality Control department inspect the individual pieces ensuring only quality product is shipped. Our yard crew uses a combination of mobile equipment including mobile straddle lift cranes, overhead cranes and a variety of forklifts to ensure all product is handled in the most efficient manner. Below are some images of our yard crew handling product within our facility:

Job Site Installation

The Lafarge Precast Installation team has over 50 years experience installing precast concrete projects, projects of all shapes and sizes. No precast concrete project is to big or too small for our team to handle, regardless of the job site schedule, access restriction or the need to work hand in hand with other trades, the Lafarge Precast Concrete installation crew will ensure the job gets completed to the highest standard and on time. Our team will liaise with project management, the production team and the job site to ensure that everything from shipping to installation is coordinated efficiently and effectively across the board. These skilled tradesmen will utilize the relevant tools, machinery, cranes or  mobile equipment necessary to complete the installation to the highest standard. Below are some images of our installation crew hard at work:

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