Lafarge Precast Edmonton – Stream Flo Facility

Insulcore tilte up modular sandwich panels concrete cement precast lafarge edmonton building

The new Stream Flo Facility features the Lafarge rolled rib Insulcore panels.  Lafarge Precast Edmonton is proud to provide precast insulcore panels once again for Petrocom Construction. Lafarge Precast Edmonton works with our contractors to provide world class product on time and on budget.


The video below shows Lafarge Precast in action


Lafarge precast Edmonton is proud to be a member of CPCI, who's manufacturing members number 33, with 52 plants throughout Canada with over 350,000sq. m of plant space available for producing the precast concrete you require for your project. The inherent benefits of precast prestressed concrete make it the best choice for many projects. Structural strength provides long clear spans. Fast production, delivery, and erection to save time and money. The creative dimensions of shape, texture, color, and pattern produce attractive buildings. Durability means unsurpassed low maintenance and lifetime cost effectiveness.

Our Lafarge Precast Edmonton facility is equipped with the most advanced design and modeling software. Our Precast Concrete systems and technology include a multinational workforce with tradesmen and women from all over the world which means we cannot be rivaled concerning quality, experience or precast ability. If you have any questions, queries or and interested in working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us what we can do for you.

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Contact: Barry Murphy

Lafarge Precast Edmonton, Commercial Sales Manager

Direct: 780-485-4507
Mobile: 780-720-9090
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